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Products Type : Speakers : Dali : Floorstanding


Price: 58,500 Baht
Type : Speakers

Format : Dali

Genre : Floorstanding

Tech Specs

Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex
Recommended Placement: Floor
Distance From Wall: 20 - 80cm


Freq Range (+/-3dB): 51 - 32,000Hz
Sensitivity: (2,83 V/1 m) 88.0dB
Nominal Impedance: 4Ω
Maximum SPL: 107dB
Recommend Amp Power: 30 - 150W
Crossover Frequency: 2,400/14,000Hz
Crossover Principle: 2 + ½ way

Hybrid Tweeter
Super HF drive Qty: 1 x 17 x 45mm
Super HF Diaphragm: Ribbon


HF Driver: 1x28mm Soft Textile Dome
LF Driver: 1x4.75" Wood Fibre Cone
Bass Reflex Tuning: 43Hz
Connection input(s): Bi-Wiring

Dimensions (HWD): 891 x 195 x 310mm
Weight: 15.6 Kg


Assembly Tools
Manual Guide
Rubber Bumper
Spikes M8

Product Description

The Dali Opticon 5 is the first floorstander in the OPTICON series. It is an exceptional sleek performance powerhouse that includes a 6.5" low-loss Wood Fibre Woofer that works in seamless conjunction with our hybrid Soft Dome/Ribbon Tweeter to render sharp and precise detailed low frequencies.


The mounting of the drivers and the final tests and approvals on each and every speaker is also handled directly at our own assembly lines in our Danish factory. Just under 90cm in height, the physical presence of the OPTICON 5 hardly dominates a room, but the almighty sound it is capable of emitting will demand every last iota of attention from the listeners inside it.


All elements of the DALI drivers are designed, produced and manufactored in-house in DALI. The front baffle on the OPTICON 5 form a rigid base for the drivers, which are screw-mounted directly into the 25 mm thick MDF. To ensure the best possible hold on the woofer and thereby integration with the cabinet, the 5 screw holes are placed along the arms of the woofer chassis. The tweeter module is held securely in place with 6 screws to eliminate vibrations and resonance. A rubber gasket is placed between the woofer and the milled out rim to ensure a 100% airtight fixture.


Keeping the manufacturing of the OPTICON series firmly in the hands of DALI we utilize our large and efficient woodworking facility in Denmark to handle everything from cutting out the Medium Density Fibre board (MDF) cabinet to applying the vinyl.


In the OPTICON woofer magnet motor system the pole piece is purely constructed of SMC. SMC’s unique ability to deliver a high magnetic conductivity and a very low electrical conductivity delivers all the wanted qualities of a really good speaker magnet without the traditional downsides.


The Wood Fibre Woofer and Hybrid Soft Dome/Ribbon tweeter combined produce a seemingly effortlessly transparent image that reflects the passion and energy of a live performance across a staggering soundstage that extends across the entire room with a coherent and open mid-range.


Dali Opticon is essentially a replacement for the older Dali Ikon range, building on Dali's success with the higher end Rubicon and Epicon speakers, bringing their experience with these higher end speakers into this stunning Opticon range while offering incredible value for money and a significant upgrade over the Dali Zensor range.