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Price: 8,900 Baht
Price: 7,565 Baht
Type : Cables & Interconnects


Genre : HDMI Cable


For audio signal, all HDMI's cable is directional. Please use cable arrows pointing from source to receiver, such as set-top box to receiver or monitor.


  • AudioQuest Carbon HDMI Cable

  • HDMI 2.0 Compliant, High Speed with Ethernet

  • High definition 1.4, 3D TV compatible cable

  • Length: 2 metres

  • Metal: Solid 5% Silver-Plated LGC Conductors

  • Dielectric: Hard Cell Foam

  • Noise Dissipation System: Carbon-Based 3-Layer Noise Dissipation System

  • Signal Conductors Controlled for Digital Audio Direction

  • Bi-Directional Ethernet Communication and Audio Return Channel Enable

  • "Standard Speed" HDMI cable will at minimum transfer 1080i, 720p, 1080p/30Hz video

  • "High Speed" HDMI cable will in addition transfer 1080p/120Hz, 4K, 3D video

  • "With Ethernet" HDMI cable (with HEC) includes conductors for bi-directional Ethernet communication. Ethernet capability is independent of "Speed" capability
  • Solid LGC (Long-Grain Copper) conductors eliminate inter-strand distortion and reduces jitter

  • Solid Polyethylene insulation costs more than foam, but better ensures critical signal-pair geometry

  • State-of-the-art attachment and shielding of HDMI standard size (Type A) connectors

  • While AQ waits for publication of official HDMI Ethernet channel testing procedures, AQ has included an over-spec. Signal pair to the proper pin positions

  • All signal conductors controlled for digital-audio direction. "To" for main signal, "From" for Audio Return Channel (audio from TV to AV receiver)

  • Jacket Colours: 0.6m - 3m Black w/PVC strips, 5m - 20m White PVC CL3/FT4 rated

  • 0.6m - 8m High Speed HDMI w/Ethernet Connection, 12m Standard Speed HDMI w/Ethernet Connection